(ost)-raise_the_titanic-frontAfter the movie “sunk” at the box office, the actual soundtrack recordings were somehow lost.  For years, fans were begging for John to re-do the score.  It’s been ranked by most soundtrack CD collectors, as the 5th most wanted soundtrack.  When the film came out in the theatre, the score was a remarkably fresh and unique new experience.  The score, which contained romantic, string-dominated style would be used for many of his scores over the next twenty years.  Raise the Titanic was one of the first of these types of scores for years to come.

In 1999, Nick Raine, who has worked with John Barry over the years, was given the challenge to re-do the score.  With the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nick re-captures the powerful and spiritual essence of John Barry’s original score from 1980.