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This page is dedicated to everyone who has taken the time to help contribute directly or indirectly to this site.  As the contributions keep coming or new or updated information is passed along, their names will be added or if they’re already on here then they’re credentials will be added.  I would like to thank everyone out there who has taken that first step with their time and efforts to help this site grow.  Thanks Again!!! created by
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  • Jim Avey-For sending me the Articles and photos from the Titanic Commutator and Chapter 8 from the book “The Titanic in Pictures” and for the many articles that he has found related to the film itself.  Thanks bubba.
  • Barbara’s Place Script Specialists-For the second revised script dated December 15, 1977
  • Carole Bartholomeaux-For her wonderful support and suggestions.
  • John Barry-For giving the audience one of his best scores ever.
  • Dr. Stephen Biel-Author of  A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster and for the inside information on the serialized comic strip.
  • Frank Bolle-Illustrator for the serialized comic strip.
  • Scarlett Burns-For allowing me to link her site with mine and vise versa!!  And for also donating some pictures.  She also is responsible for some new graphic banners on the Link To RTT Page.
  • Daniel Allen Butler-Author of Unsinkable and for allowing me to use an excerpt from his book in the FAQ page.
  • Barry Campbell-For allowing me to use the colorized comic strip and for his RTT Novel Covers.
  • Rick Caudill-Owner and Operator of Caudill’s Original Graphics.  He helped me scan and touched up the wallpaper displays in the download section and would have scanned the Movie Program if it wasn’t for his consistent busy schedule.  Thanks bubba!!
  • City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra-The symphony responsible for the re-make of the film score and conducted by Nick Raine.
  • Columbus Citizen-Journal-This is where I obtained the RTT 3-column comic strip.
  • Columbus Metropolitan Public Library-Where I was able to obtain the RTT 3-column comic strip from their micro-film dept.
  • David Colvin-For the pictures that I won off of eBay.
  • José Manuel Compaña-For donating a novel cover.
  • Larry Cook-For allowing me to use his scanner while he’s out of town.  Thanks Uncle!!
  • Michael Costales-Another set of pictures from eBay.  This time 20 pictures.
  • Dr. Clive Cussler-For writing this wonderful novel and his continuous writing about our favorite hero Dirk Pitt and his illustrious side-kicks Albert Giordino, Rudi Gunn and his C.O. Admiral James Sandecker.  Along with the other colorful characters that have touched us all in some way, shape or form.
  • Paul De Blieck-For allowing me to use the posters that were illustrated by Drew Struzan from his website..
  • Craig Dirgo-Co-Author of “Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed” with Dr. Cussler which helped lay a huge portion of the basic groundwork for this website.
  • DOXA allowing me to link to their site as well as linking my site to theirs.
  • Kim Elder-For writing the biographies for the late great Richard Jordan, Jason Robards and Sir Alec Guinness on the cast and crew page, for her input on some new quotes from the film and for adding a link of this site on her own.
  • John Fry-For two publicity photos from the actual film.
  • Robert Gibbons-Former president of the Titanic Historical Society and for giving me a tons of trivia information about the film and for allowing me to borrow the official press kit plus much much more!!
  • Stephen Hill-For donating a Laser Disk Cover.
  • Mike Heuler-For sending me a review about the movie.
  • Lee Hollifield-For sending me his movie review.  Also for sending me word that the UK would be releasing the film on DVD August 11, 2003.
  • Tom Howe-For joining the RTT Web Ring.
  • Dave Hyatt-Webmaster of and for linking my site with his and vice versa.  Also a member of the Raise The Titanic WebRing.
  • Francis Imossi-The Prelude, The Main, The Mine Shaft and Memories Of The Titanic Midis that he composed himself and donated to the site.
  • International Photographer-For their October 1980 Article about the making of the film.
  • Internet Movie Database-For the countless information that helped lay a part of the basic ground work for this website.
  • Bruce Kenfield-Comic Strip info.
  • Stephen Koo-For allowing me to use the computer at work to allow me to work on the site until I can get my computer fixed or replaced.
  • Scott Lincoln-For sending me his version of the Prelude in Midi format.  And for the Raise The logo.
  • Mark Maggard-For allowing us to show his drawings in the Fan Fiction Section.
  • John Mallory-For supplying a goof on the Goofs Page.
  • Matt Manning-For contributing a video cover and the inside scoop of this particular release.
  • John McCluskey-For sending me up-to-date photos of The Sloop Inn & the Southby cemetery.  Thank ya John!!
  • Mickey S. and Barbara Michaels-Many thanks goes to a man that I will never meet and to his widow for sharing his passion in his work.
  • Movie INC./Script City-For the final revised draft script dated August 27, 1979.
  • MsCrisseyDE-For writing the biography for David Selby on the cast and crew page and for adding a link of this site to her own.
  • George O’DellBehind the Scenes Info from the magazine “On Location”.  Now located on the Trivia Page.
  • On Location Magazine-For their August 1980 Article about the Film.
  • Eric Paddon-An indirect contribution that came from the Encyclopedia Titanicia Message Board.  He stated who the band was in the photograph at the beginning of the film.
  • John Peachey-For allowing me to link his site with mine.  And for writing reviews for both the novel and the film.
  • Ashley Pomeroy-For Translating the French poster into English for me.
  • Nick Raine-For re-doing the John Barry score.
  • Steven Powers-For making a copy of the International Photographer Magazine RTT Article now located on the Media Publications Page
  • Larry Ridley-For his donation of some pictures and the updated information about the other comic strip.
  • Ruud Rozemeyer-Webmaster of and for linking my site with his and for donating a novel cover.
  • Ashley Runt-For the novel cover donation.
  • Jakub Sieniawski-For sharing his model in the Fan Fiction Section.
  • Michael Shriver-For some inside information for the up and coming Sahara film.
  • John Smith-For donating 9 production photos for the Photo Gallery, for being the first fan to fill a section for the Fan Fiction Section with his own artistic views of the surfaced Titanic.  And also for showing the step by step directions for allowing other users to build their own Raise The Titanic model.  Also I would like to thank him for promoting the site to all the Titanic enthusiasts in England and for his continuing donations of photos and information that has helped this site grow.
  • Drew Struzan-For allowing Paul De Blieck to allow me to have his illustrated poster work on the site.
  • Rozane Sutherland-Beneficiary of the late Mickey S. Michael’s Scrapbook.
  • Wayne Valero-Author of The Collector’s Guide To Clive Cussler and for allowing me to excerpt some of his work from his book and for finally filling in all the gaps.
  • Derek Walker-The inside info on the ship used to represent the raised Titanic and for allowing me to use the pictures of it from his site.  And also for adding a link of this site on his own.
  • Danny Williams-For the inside information on the Cornwall location and the Cemetery location that is now on the Trivia page.  Also for sharing a novel cover that he has on his website.

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Dr. Clive Cussler

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