It would have been cheaper to have lowered the Atlantic!

– Lord Lew Grade-Producer

Awful from the beginning to end.

– Clive Cussler-Author

Dopily brusque even for an adventure film.

– New York Times

Worst movie ever made.

– Chicago Tribune

The Titanic made a much more interesting film going down than it does coming up.

– Columbus Dispatch

The sparse box-office response, energized by poor critical reaction worldwide, seems deserved; the film while being ambitious and professional, could not quite ignite the explosive elements of Cussler’s book. In addition, it failed to conjure any of the fascination or mystery the public had come to expect from the Titanic legend.

– Wayne Valero, Author “The Collectors Guide To Clive Cussler


Raise The Titanic had its world premiere in Boston, MA on July 30, 1980 and released nationwide on August 1, 1980.  In all actuality, this film has hardly any resemblance to Dr. Cussler’s best-selling novel. The script went through over 10 re-writes and the costs alone to make this film could have fed a third world country. Almost every single dollar invested in this film was spent rather poorly. This film had so much potential to become a blockbuster smash but it fizzled out before it even started. The press alone, with so many bad reviews, killed the box-office tickets. “Raise the Titanic” was also released during the initial release of one of the biggest films that year; “The Empire Strikes Back”.

And you know the rest of the story. . .