Movie Concordance

Like the novel concordance, this page contains information about the movie.  Most of it is from my own observations.  Most of the characters in the film are not mentioned by name so allot of what I have written about them in the movie, for right now, are incomplete.  They will be updated once I obtain additional information.  If you think something should be added, subtracted or revised, you can always send an email.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend that you don’t go any further on this page.  This contains spoilers that could spoil your experience of watching the movie.

Antonov.  Soviet Ambassador to the United States.  And in the Russian Embassy when the discussion of the Sicilian Project and the location of the byzanium on the Titanic on which the United States Navy is salvaging.

Archibald, Dana.  Works for the Washington Star as a reporter.  Currently dating Gene Seagram.  At one time she lived with Dirk Pitt for nearly two years and was crazy about him.  She writes the lead story about the discovery and raising of the Titanic and the mineral byzanium.  Describes herself as a dynamite fisher person.  She just can’t put the “wormie on the hookie.”

Beck.  A part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.  Perishes on the Starfish.

Bigalow, John L.  Was a junior third officer on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic.  Last surviving crew member of the Titanic.  Presents Pitt with the flag from the Titanic that he took off of her before she went down.  Pitt later hoists the pennant when the ship is raised.

Bohannon.  A part of the Titanic Salvage crew.  He was onboard Deep Quest when the Titanic is found.  He is later seen on the Turtle placing the explosives around the Titanic‘s hull to help save the men onboard the Deep Quest who are stuck on one of the Titanic‘s skylights.

Boleslavski, Issak.  Great Russian chess master mentioned by Prevlov to Marganin as they try to determine what the Sicilian Project is.  Boleslavski favored a chess strategy named the Sicilian Defense.

Brewster, Arthur.  Described as having a bushy beard and eyes like a fox.  A con-man and a mining expert.  In 1910, he discovered byzanium on the island of Svlardlov.  He then takes it to the U.S. Army.  Even then, they thought it had military possibilities, so they gave him some money and some Army engineers to help.  And he hires a Norwegian Whaler, the ship delivers Brewster, Jake Hobart and the rest of the Colorado Miners to the island.  Makes the date to pick them up after they mined the byzanium.  The ship picks them up on schedule.  Only problem was, two days out of Svlardlov, they spot a Russian cruiser tailing them but Brewster sticks to his plan.  And the whaler drops them off on the coast of Scotland North of Aberdeen and they start over land.  Plan was to get the ore to Southampton and send it home by commercial ship.  They Russian agents coming out their ears.  They fought a running gun battle all the way from Aberdeen to Southampton.  Somehow Brewster made it and he had the ore with them.  All of the other Colorado miners did not make it.  The final report Brewster sent home to the U.S. Army al he wrote was “Thank God for Southby.”  He then puts the ore in a vault and sees it lowered in a hull of a ship.  Brewster started home on the Titanic.  Went mad and sealed himself in the cargo hold of the Titanic.

Burk, Captain Joe.  Captain of the Denver and in charge of the Titanic Salvage Fleet.  Described as an extremely competent Navy officer.

Busby, General Dale.  Part of the team that helps coordinate the Titanic Salvage.

Byzanium.  The mineral that is believed hidden in the hold of the Titanic.  The radioactivity of byzanium is so extreme that it has disappeared in all but trace amounts.

Carpathia.  Rescue ship that picks up the Titanic survivors.

Cargo Hold No. 9, D Deck.  Area of the Titanic where Arthur Brewster has the gravel conceived by everyone to think it was byzanium and seals himself in the vault right before she sinks.

Carpenter.  The support tender used on the Titanic project.

Carter.  A part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.

Colorado Miners.  Used by Pitt to describe the hard-rock miners who removed the byzanium from Svlardlov.  They all died while fighting the Russian agents between Aberdeen, Scotland and Southampton, England.

Cornwall, England.  Where John Bigalow resides.

Deep Quest.   One of the submersibles used to locate the Titanic wreck.  Was one of two submersibles that first locates the wreck.  And later gets stuck in one of the Titanic‘s skylights while helping the Turtle  pull one of the hydrazine tanks that gets stuck off the broken section of the second smokestack.

Dragonfish,  U.S.S.  Never mentioned by name, but seen in the film.  U.S. Navy submarine that surfaces and sails right by the Mikhail Kurkov after Pitt radios in, “This is Pitt, bring along the surprise package.”  After it sails by, a team of F-15s then flies over to complete the “package”.

Drummer, Ben.  A part of the Titanic salvage crew.

Farley, Graham.  Musician on the Titanic who owned the cornet that was found by the Sea Cliff and later restored by John Vogel.  Farley was a solo cornetist prior to the Titanicfor a period of three years on the Olympic.

Giordino, Albert (Master Chief “Vinnie” Walker).  A part of the Titanic salvage crew.  Close friend with Dirk Pitt.  He is seen onboard the Denver with Pitt during the Starfish incident and later is seen onboard the Turtle during the initial discovery of the cornet.  He was also the pilot of the Sea Cliff on the initial discovery of the Titanic wreck.  He is later seen on the decks of the Denver witnessing the Titanic resurfacing and than later onboard the Titanic itself to its finally destination to New York harbor.

Gunther.  A part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.  Perishes on the Starfish.

Hobart, Jake.   Coloradan discovered by Sid Koplin in a bunk inside the mine on Svlardlov. The inscription above his bed reads:  “Here lies Sgt. Jake Hobart, United States Army.  Froze in a storm February 10, 1912.”  The Hobart file, researched by Pitt, then mentions Arthur Brewster.

Hydrozine Tanks.  Filled under high pressure and anchored on the Titanic‘s hull  for additional lift to the surface.  Once expanded it turns to lighter-than-air and that gives the ship the lift it needs.

Isbell.  A part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.

Kemper, Admiral Joseph.  Admiral who is the U.S. Navy chief of staff.  And a part of the team that helps coordinate the Titanic Salvage.

Kiel.  A part of the Titanic Salvage crew.  And is on the Deep Quest when it gets stuck on one of the Titanic‘s skylights.  Wears glasses.

Klink.  A part of the Titanic Salvage crew.  He’s on the Turtle when the Starfish implodes and when the Deep Quest gets stuck on the Titanic‘s skylight.

Koplin, Sid.  Mineralogist rescued by Pitt on Svlardlov Island.  Shot by a Russian sentry.

Magnetometer.   The instrument aboard the submersibles that measures the ocean bottom’s field including any deviations caused by localized mineral deposits and is used to discover the cornet, the smoke stack, and finally the Titanic.

Marganin.  Underling to Andre Prevlov.

Martindale, Sarah.  Described as a  woman of substance, a beauty and a warm heart.  Talks big but the fact is she’s frightened silly of men.  Those that know her best suspect she’s still a maiden.  Bartender at the local pub in Cornwall.  Close friend of John Bigalow.

Merker, Howard.   Part of the Titanic Salvage who is transmitting information to the Russians.  Service record shows that he served as a civilian technician in Vietnam, got captured.  Spent 2 years in a prison camp.  And another in Japan to get over that and married a Japanese girl.  But it was painted over, instead she was actually from Nom Ding, North Vietnam, her family lives in Hi Phong and her brother works for the North Vietnam Army Intelligence.

Mikhail Kurkov.  Soviet oceanographic research vessel.

Mount Temple.  One of the Titanic rescue ships.

Munk.   Part of the Titanic Salvage Crew and also part of the original discovery of the Titanic wreck on the Deep Quest with Pitt and Bohannon.  He’s later scene again on the Deep Quest when it gets jammed on one of the Titanic‘s skylights and is later rescued when the Titanic is raised three-weeks ahead of schedule.

New York Harbor.  Final Destination for the Titanic as she finally completes her Maiden Voyage.

Nicholson, Warren.  The director of the CIA.

Northacker.  A commissioned lieutenant and a part of the Titanic Salvage crew.  Perishes on the Starfish from implosion and was in charge of its crew.

NUMA.  Never mentioned, but is detailed on the Deep Quest submersible.

  Ocean, North Atlantic.  The final resting place of the R.M.S. Titanic before she is raised by Pitt and his salvage crew.

Parotkin, Ivan.  Captain of the Mikhail Kurkov.

Pitt, Dirk.   Retired from the Navy as Captain.  Rescues Koplin from Svlardlov after shooting the Russian sentry and his dog.  Works with Sandecker on a few projects.  It depends on the job.  If something can’t be done chances are he’ll take a crack at it.  Otherwise thumbs down.   Is put in charge of the Titanic Salvage after he suggests raising it.  Discovers the Smoke Stack and the Titanic onboard the submersible Deep Quest.  He later discovers the real location of the byzanium after he looks through Arthur Brewster’s papers from his briefcase which was in the cargo hold beside the mummified remains of Brewster’s body.  Described by Seagram as a pain in the butt.  Lived with Dana Archibald for two years.  Described by Dana as someone who was going to fix the world.  But he realized that after fives years, he discovers that he was outnumbered.  Later tells Gene that statement while leaving the Southby cemetery.

Polevoi.  Agent of the KGB.  And is in the Russian Embassy when the discussion of the Sicilian Project and the location of the byzanium on the Titanic on which the United States Navy is salvaging.

President Of The United States.  Mentioned but never seen.  Suggests to Sandecker and Seagram that “They need to be told” about the Sicilian Project (Admiral Kemper, General Busby and Warren Nicholson from the CIA) and that their man on Svlardlov might have been captured by the Russians.  He also approves the Titanic Salvage after he is informed by Sandecker that the byzanium is in the cargo hold of the Titanic.

Prevlov, Captain Andre.   Russian intelligence officer employed by the Soviet Navy’s Department of Foreign Intelligence.

Project, Sicilian.  The code name of the project that will use byzanium to create a missile defense shield over the United States. The sites are designed to resemble small relay power stations.  Named after a chess strategy.  One of many variations conceived by the great chess master Isaak Bolesslavski.  At the end of the movie, the Sicilian Project is canned.

Rocky Mountain News.  Denver newspaper dated November 17, 1911, discovered inside the mine on Svlardlov by Koplin.  The Newspaper is still in print today.

Sandecker, Admiral James.  Helps develop the Sicilian Project with Gene Seagram.

 Sea Cliff.  One of the submersibles used to locate the Titanic wreck.  Was one of two submersibles that first locates the wreck.

Seagram, Gene.   Helps develop the Sicilian Project with Admiral Sandecker.  Currently dating Dana Archibald from the Washington Star.  He is on the Deep Quest when it gets stuck on the Titanic‘s skylight.

Sicilian Project.  Code name of the U.S. project to build a missile defense system using byzanium.  Designed around laser technology.   It emits a narrow fanlike beam of light field energy.   These fans will connect and create an invisible screen.  Any enemy missile launched against the United States would come into contact with this invisible barrier and be smashed to bits long before it entered the target area.  Named after a chess strategy.  One of many variations conceived by the great chess master Isaak Bolesslavski.  At the end of the movie, the Sicilian Project is canned because it is believed that once the byzanium was found, it would have been difficult to keep for defense only but quite possibly be used to make a byzanium bomb.  Knowing that somewhere in the world some “think tank” has already devised the idea, Sandecker said that the U.S. would be the first to do it.  With that knowledge known, and after Seagram and Pitt discover the real location of the byzanium in Southby under Jake Hobart’s tombstone, Seagram decides to leave it there, dumbfounding the gravediggers already there but gives Pitt a warm smile and a short story about his encounter with Dana from earlier in the film but never mentions her name.

Silverstein, Dr.   Handles the location problems of the Titanic.  Works with Seagram on it.  By using a small-scaled model of the Titanic, perfectly weighted and matched in exact proportion.

Sonar.  Used by the Titanic salvage crews on the submersibles to locate the Titanic wreck.

Southby, England.  A town in England with the grave containing the byzanium.  Pitt discovers the location while going through papers in his briefcase that was found near his body inside the vault containing the seven boxes of gravel.   Inside the brief case, he finds a English postcard that depicts Southby.  Pitt assumes that he must of bought it, stuck it in his briefcase and never mailed it.  On the back of the card, located at the bottom in fine print, it reads, “Typical country church and graveyard in county of Hampshire near the village of Southby.”  Located 3 miles from Southampton.

Spence.  A part of the Titanic Salvage crew.  He is seen onboard the Turtle as he witnesses the horrifying events from the implosion of the Starfish.  He is again seen onboard the Sea Cliff when the cornet is found and is behind the controls in its retrieval.  He is then later seen on the Turtle while placing the explosives around the Titanic‘s to help rescue the demised Deep Quest.

Starfish.  One of the submersibles used to locate the Titanic wreck.  Implodes with three men on board after exceeding its depth limit of 12,000 feet.

Sturgis, Lieutenant.  Never seen or mentioned.  Helicopter pilot that lands on Titanicand various ships in the Salvage Fleet.

Svlardlov Island, U.S.S.R.  Contains the old mine where the byzanium was originally extracted.

Syntactic Foam.  Used to fill the lower compartments of the Titanic to make her buoyant.  As the foam goes in, the water in the hull is forced out allowing 22,000 tons of lift.

Titanic, R.M.S.  Infamous White Star line vessel that departed Southampton, England, April 10, 1912, and sank April 15, 1912, with a loss of over fifteen hundred lives.  Struck iceberg and sank in North Atlantic.  Last reported position 41.46’N-50.14’W.  The vessel was 882 feet in length with a black hull encircled with a gold band and was built at Belfast, Ireland, shipyard of Harland and Wolff.  Built from 46,328 tons of steel.  The vessel held 2,200 passengers and had lifeboats for only 1,180.  When she is found, she has a slight list to port, revealing her three-hundred-foot-gash.  Three of her smokestacks still intact with remains of the second funnel still attached.  Once raised and the turmoil with the Russians’ threat and the force 12 storm (which we never see), the Titanic finally makes her first-port in New York City after seventy six years.  The last time she is seen in the movie, she is docked in New York harbor and dressed in formality flags along her bow.

Turtle.  One of the submersibles used in the Titanic Salvage.  Witnesses the implosion of the Star Fish and the Deep Quest accident.

Vanocur, Sander.  News commentator who reports the discovery of the Titanic and the attempts in raising it.  He also reports about the inquiry of byzanium.

Vogel, John.  Restores the cornet found on the ocean floor.

Washington National Airport.  This is where the plane, that contains Pitt and Koplin lands with Sandecker and Seagram waiting.

Welch.  Part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.

Willis.  Part of the Titanic Salvage Crew. And was on the Deep Quest when it gets stuck on one of the Titanic‘s skylight.

Woodson.  Part of the Titanic Salvage Crew.  The only black man on the salvage crew.  He is usually found on the Deep Quest.