John Barry

john_barryJohn Barry is probably best known for his work on the James Bond Movies from 1962-1987.  He has been nominated 7 Academy Awards, winning 5.  He has been nominated 6 awards from the Golden Globes, winning 1.  And he has a Grammy from his first and, so far, his only nomination for “Dances With Wolves”.  Other then the 12 James Bond films, he also infamous for his work on Zulu, Born Free, Murphy’s War, Alice in Wonderland, King Kong, Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death, The Black Hole, Raise The Titanic, Somewhere In Time, Murder By Phone, The Legend Of The Lone Ranger, Body Heat, The Verdict, High Road To China, The Golden Seal, Mike’s Murder, The Cotton Club, Jagged Edge, Out Of Africa, A Killing Affair, Dances With Wolves, & Chaplin.

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  • John Barry-A life In MusicA wonderful tribute to one of the best composer in Motion Picture History. Note: I had this site as the official website for John Barry at one time.  That, on my part, was in-correct.  I did not intend to put up any false information.  And for that I apologize.