About Us

Created by Gabriel Waters in 2001, raisethetitanic.com was originally designed to attract fans of the original novel and film.  It was also created to see if there was enough interest to have the film re-done by petition.  Over the next 3 years of the original site’s existence, the site expanded, thank to many fans contributions.  Many thanks to Dr. Cussler’s close friend, Mr. Wayne Valero Barry Campbell, Bruce Kenfield, The Cussler Collector’s Society, one of the original founders of the Titanic Historical Society, Mr. Robert Gibbons and to Titanic and Raise the Titanic historian,  Mr. Jonathan Smith.

The site expanded to include the 2005 release of Sahara and the many conflicts between the screenwriters and Dr. Cussler before, during and after filming.  A year after the theatrical release of the film and the eventual DVD, the site was shut down due to time and resources.

After a 10-year hiatus, the site is back up and hopefully, for good.  Many thanks.